Jan 2015

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Ringing in the New Year 2015

On the 1st, we went to some member´s house (in a different ward and she had a house it was crazy) and barbequed loads of meat and they played pranks on all (16) of us which included sitting on a wet rag and eating soap yeah it was great. 

Where we had New Year´s. This house had it´s own guards, gate, overlookng much of Medellín and it was real cool.
 The super long driveway through jungley palms and greenery leading up to the house.
Walking up the driveway overlooking Medellin
From L to R, Crispín, Ruiz, Johnson, and if you look closely you can see Hna Chuquimia

a 5D simulator. I, like, understand where they think they have 5D, but that isn´t what 5D is. 
Ask Renen what a 5D anything would look like.

 waiting on the lawn right before one of the pranks (the one with the soap)

January 3, 2015
Flores, Hurtado, Hicken, Muñoz before a baptism

Couple of us in Burger King in SantaFe mall (super huge) having milkshakes
 We went to Hard Rock Cafe in Medellin to say farewell to Elder Ruiz

 Our own Best Two Years photo on our way to Hard Rock Cafe
 Elder Pastrana and me. 
Johnson baby, Johnson cowboy, Hicken, Hurtado
 "I get to eat American food"
Jan 6, 2015
Recognize this picture? [We have a framed poster of this (in English) hanging at home.]

We watched God´s Not Dead as a ward and if you´ve seen the movie, you´ll understand why we got this message.

We climbed the steps up this road and I took the picture as Hurtado rested
My drawer one day. JetBars are important. Also sunglasses and watches are super cheap. 
The drawer is filled with less than 20 dollars of stuff
Jan 10, 2015: Eating Sancocho (a traditional soup) with the office and some members. Hurtado and I have shirts and ties because this was not our pday, but it was the office´s pday.
After a baptism

buying soda after the baptism

 Walking home after the baptism
Johnson, Hicken, Routson
Routson, Ruiz, Chuquimia, Muñoz

Ruiz, Johnson, Hicken
Muñoz, Hurtado, Ruiz

Johnson, Hicken, Routson 
View from some hill
What we saw when we got to the LZ home at 9:35 last night
 [We close the door at 9:00 pm, no later than 9:30]
the first half of the song we sang to Ruiz 
second half of the song 
Hicken, Pastrana

The View and Stairs of Regina's house

Jan 19, 2015
 Pday Bowling!  It´s great to see Elder Tolman every couple weeks.
Bowling scores from pday. I got better! Make sure Mackenzie sees these. It´s important.

Jan 21, 2015: some dog watching some action below, it was just cute
chickens sleeping in a tree
Bridge over the Río Medellín
Just a street shot that I thought turned out pretty.

January 26, 2015

PDAY in La Bruja mountain

 a whole bunch of vultures circling above a chicken factory
Starting our hike up La Bruja
 View of the River
 Cows we passed, there were like 15 in this little pasture
View from halfway up
View from farther up
 Forest Berries we were eating
All that water is from a hose with a hole in it...there was a lot of water.
 Talking in the forest
Elder Hurtado and me
Say cheese - Elder Hurtado and me
 Hicken, Hurtado, Gajardo, Crispin, Flores
 Hicken, Chuquimia, Gajardo, Crispin, Flores
 Crispín, Chuquimia, Gajardo, Flores, Hicken, under the cross at the top
Crispín, Hurtado, Chuquimia, Flores, Hicken

  Gajardo, Hicken, Chuquimia
Hurtado, Hicken, while someone else was taking a different picture and I didn´t want to look at the camera

Crispín taking a picture of us and I rebelled
Hurtado, Crispín, Hicken, still rebelling. I was super done taking pictures on top of this place
Chuquimia taking a selfie of us, and I rebelling 

in this area of the road, there were a bunch of men working and essentially throwing plants and trash over the side of the mountain and in a corner also burning massive amounts of wood. I don´t have a great explanation for all of it. 

 Pretty Picture
 picture with this really nice car they kept in their garage
 Me with a waterfall
 The waterfall without me
 Crispín, Hicken, Chuquimia, 
I went down to the waterfall and took a picture and afterwards everyone else wanted a picture with it too and I was like let´s pass another 8 hours here taking picture yes and then I stepped in poop but washed it off under the waterfall.
 Chuquimia, Hicken, Flores
 Orange trees, palm tree, and in the back you can see these blue trees that were spotting this little hillside
 my hardcore sumburn, yes I did use aloevera

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