October 2015

Velazquez sleeping on the ride to Medellín for Consejo

At Consejo with the Presidente
The Montería crowd in the Consejo, Hna Vallejo, Hna some brazilian that was never in Monteria actually, Hna Ballesteros, E´Eno, E´Guzmán, E´Crandall, E´Hicken, E´Velazquez, E´Bagley
The Three of us from Armenia, Hna Cañas, Elder Velazquez, Elder Hicken
Those from my group in the Consejo, E´Nae´ole, E´Cruz, E´Hicken, E´Romeu, E´Peña, Hna Muñoz

Calarcá, a pueblito outside of Armenia, we went for a baptism

Blurry picture of Velazquez and I

My chancleados feet

 Me with some horses we were walking past Friday night.

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