Life in the CCM

Being Set Apart as a Missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sunday, October 19, 2014

Those present include:
Stake President Priday
Enoch & Janae Fredericks, Kyler, Aspen, Ryden, Jordan, Cameron, Jayda
Mom & Dad, Renen, Sierra, Lily
Tauna Wilkinson, Claire, Ike, Luke
Elders Belding and Cochran
Bishop and Sister Archer
and friends Mackenzie Macfarlane, Nathan Anderson, and John Michael Galloway

Last words of Goodbye from Lily on the front coat closet!
The Airport Farewell was touching and memorable.
Renen and Kai

Sierra, Lily, and...who's the mystery brother behind Kai?

Lily and Kai

Sierra trying to lift Kai..
...maybe she'll be successful when he returns!

He does not doubt the faith, testimony, and love of his mother.

Having been raised by goodly parents, therefore he was taught.

One last family photo before saying goodbye.

I Spy the Missionary

Cleared through Security

And off to serve the Lord.

 The Missionaries in the CCM upon arrival Oct 22, 2014
Kai front and center, third in from the left, first row.

My District:  Me, Tolman, Nae'ole, Anderson, Lauritzen

 Me with Elder Alvarado, a missionary that arrived from Talon's ward in Peru!
Selfie with me, my companions, and my latino roommates who were in a trio like us
Elder Alvarado (peru flag), Colombian Flag, me (USA flag)

 Elders Nae'ole, Bernales, and Vasquez
Elder Bernales (pro soccer player from Peru), Elder Nae'ole behind, Elder Hicken, Elder Anderson, and Elder Stratton
 Elders Hicken, Nae'ole behind, Vasquez, and Bernales
 Elder Hicken and Elder Neranels with our nearly matching Lima Temple ties
(apparently I've lost mine, which is sad)

Our tiny little classroom with 5 of us. It also had two windows.  This is also our last Friday Pday as a district.

Elders Cubillos, Hicken, and Huallanca

On tour November 18, 2014
 The  bottom of the Cable Car, starting the journey up the mountain.
 Close to the top of the mountain, overlooking Bogota
 In the Cable car, L to R: Anderson, Hicken, Hno Mendoza, Tolman, Nae'ole
 By the Catholic Church L to R: Nae'ole, Lauritzen, Tolman, Hicken, Anderson, Mendoza
 In the church
 View of the mountains from the church
 There was a path around the church with pictures of the Crucifixion

 ...and then we went to a Gold Museum of old indigenous civilizations' gold and Elder Nae'ole was talking about, like, "that's probably from a Lamanite...that's Nephite for sure."

Something cool made out of gold

Life in the CCM
Hermana Rengal (teacher) and I

Our CCM Christmas Tree

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