Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Letro Numero Uno

[Yes, Letro means Letter, but as in a Letter of the alphabet.  No biggie, these things will work themselves out.  In the meantime, enjoy Letter #1 from our favorite Elder Kai Hicken!]

 The Missionaries in the CCM upon arrival Oct 22, 2014
Kai front and center, third in from the left, first row.

I be here. I`ve got two companions: Elder Anderson and Elder Nae`ole. Elder Anderson is half ginger. 

Also the keyboards are Spanish, so that is really great. 

It`s so great being back in South America. It feels so similar to Peru so I actually feel like partially at home. 

Also Elder Anderson snores. 

They took my chocolate and camera and we only get them on P-day so that`s a little rough. Also they use stickers as a form of currency in the CCM which I think is hilarious and you get them out of chocolate bars (Colombian equivalent of Sublimes) and the design on the sticker dictates their value.

The Colombian


The Peruvian

 I`ve only been here for like two seconds and we haven`t even been to a class yet because we`ve just been doing immigration and introducing stuff, but it feels nearly normal. 

I also woke up like on time this morning too which was totally wild. 
My District:  Me, Tolman, Nae'ole, Anderson, Lauritzen

There`s only 5 Elderes in the district (only 5 Norte Americanos in the CCM that came yesterday) and we are all going to Medellin and the elder Elderes make it sound like it`s a really big deal that they finally have a big group going to Medellin, so it makes it sound like there aren`t all that many missionaries in Medellin already. 

Also Talon was right about the water bottle -- which is good. 

Elder Tolman is from Vancouver and really likes Behind Sapphire and has a friend or something in the band. His name is Joseph Ward whose sister is Saundra Ward and her good friend Iyslen Tolman`s brother is Elder Tolman. 

Do you know Elder Mazankowski`s mission email? 

I actually like these people, so that`s fun too. Actually we have been great and It`s great to be in Colombia. Everyone actually is super impressed with my Spanish and I`ve been able to speak in normal conversation with taxistas and hermanos that work here and los Elderes Latinos. 

A missionary from Talon`s ward brought a package for me and we talked for a bit and it`s way super cool. His name is Elder ______ [Alvarado].   Everyone is telling me their names and so I literally know only the names in my 5 person district and then Thomas S. Monson. 

Also it`s raining. 

I`ve not really gotten time yet, and if I asked everyone to raise their hands if they`re surprised, no one would levante sus manos because I`ve been here for less than a day and we`ve been doing all the logistics. I think I`ll be able to do something like look at that package or write a letter tonight perhaps. 

Also the food is about a bajillion times better than the Lima Temple Housing food which is a plus. They also gave us Granadillas (I actually am having legitimate trouble pronouncing the `ll` as `j` and I`m considering just speaking with a Peruvian accent for the next two years) and Elder Anderson calls it a snot fruit but I don´t think about that. 

I laughed at the new elder`s reactions to the Granadillas and then I`m like I`ve done this all before so everyone is like you are the coolest,

and my Spanish is better than a couple gringos that have been here for six weeks

but I`m all humble and all helping people and conversing with natives in minor fashions. It just means I can spend extra time studying Gospel instead of language. Also studying the specifics of Spanish because I am bad at that but at least I`m not awful. Next P-day is I think next Friday. 

--------Elder Hicken

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