Thursday, January 29, 2015

More January Photos

Couple of us in Burger King in SantaFe mall (super huge) having milkshakes

Jan 6, 2015
Recognize this picture? [We have a framed poster of this (in English) hanging at home.]

We watched God´s Not Dead as a ward and if you´ve seen the movie, you´ll understand why we got this message.

We climbed the steps up this road and I took the picture as Hurtado rested

My drawer one day. JetBars are important. ALso Sunglasses and watches are super cheap. The drawer is filled with less than 20 dollars of stuff

Jan 10, 2015: Eating Sancocho (a traditional soup) with the office and some members. Hurtado and I have shirts and ties because this was not our pday, but it was the office´s pday.

After a baptism

buying soda after the baptism

 Walking home after the baptism

Johnson, Hicken, Routson

Routson, Ruiz, Chuquimia, Muñoz

Ruiz, Johnson, Hicken

Muñoz, Hurtado, Ruiz

Johnson, Hicken, Routson 

View from some hill

What we saw when we got to the LZ home at 9:35 last night
 [We close the door at 9:00 pm, no later than 9:30]

the first half of the song we sang to Ruiz 

second half of the song 

Hicken, Pastrana

Jan 21, 2015: some dog watching some action below, it was just cute

chickens sleeping in a tree
Bridge over the Río Medellín


Just a street shot that I thought turned out pretty.

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