Monday, February 9, 2015

YAY February

We did two different intercambios [exchanges] this week, one with the LZ [District Leaders] and the other with the other Elders in our district. I was with Bleazard oand basically just did errands for the zone, but I was having fun and thought it was great. I was with Elder Flores and we had all this stuff planned, and just about all of it fell through and it rained hardcore. 

This week, in comparison with the one before, was super lame. We had basically all of our happenings in the first couple days, and it was half Hurtado and Routson in the intercambio and then the last half was us with citas [appointments] falling through and people not being home. 

Luz Mary is great and really enthusiastic. She went to a Relief Society activity all on her own and had a great time but didn´t make it to church because her 18 year old son has been sick. But, she has a lot of enthusiasm to share the stuff she´s learned and really it´s just a wonderful situation. But, now if she doesn´t come to church, se cae la fecha [she'll miss her goal for her baptismal date]. 

We finally met with a less active named Dairon Muñoz, and it´s a real interesting situation with his home. He hasn´t been attending church and no one knows why, and his wife told us we couldn´t visit them but we are anyway. But, the wife is interesting. She seems normal, but there´s just something a little off about her. The members say she´s loca [crazy] and I´m not sure whether to believe them or not, but it´s been said by more than just a couple members, and not in a joking way. 

So, in this week falta [lack] of progress, a highlight was that we got free pizza. Domino´s here has a policy that if it takes more than a half hour to get to the house, it´s free and it took 32 minutes. Pizza is like a really big thing in this mission. Especially in the areas with comida fea [bad food]. 

Hey, super awesome that Larry Gelwix spoke at CC! The mission has adopted Forever Strong as our movie, and stuff like that, so that´s just something super cool. [Note from Brent: CC is the Crown Council that my company is a resource partner with as we provide internet marketing to many of their member dentists (including endodontists and orthodontists, too.  Shaun - you should look into it.  Too bad the annual event is often in conflict with the Angle meeting, but the other benefits from it through the year are well worth becoming a member).  Sunny and I attended their annual event last week in Las Vegas where Larry Gelwix was one of presenters.]

The bishop told the leaders in Ward Council that Hurtado and I are the official missionaries of Envigado and the oficina is just extra missionaries and all references go to us, and basically our area expanded from San Rafael and Sabaneta (already double a normal area) to all Barrio Envigado, which is almost the biggest ward in the mission, with sq ft probably comparable to the Littleton Stake. Lots of walking, but more work. It´s just a puzzle to put it all together. At the same time, we got a new Mission Leader, a super busy guy that travels a lot and we are about to see how that works out, transferring from a guy with a lot of time to put into the mission work. 

the lizard we caught in our house. I cut its tail off.
Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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