Monday, March 9, 2015

A Letter

Hey yeah, so here´s the update. 

I´ll start with the companion situation, and end with the area situation. Elder Ríos is still the same. I started praying a lot this week that I could have the patience and everything I need to get along with him, and there´s been a difference. Still it maintains that basically as long as everything goes perfect, we get along. Basically, he wants everyone to contribute to his perfect mission. Everything went pretty well this week with him, and I´ve been learning a new type of patience that I wasn´t completely conscious that existed, and also have been made conscious of the strategy of prayer. I´ve learned to make prayers specific. With Hurtado, I was praying for a more obedient companion and an opportunity to do the things I think need to be done in the area. So, I got put with an oddly obedient companion and companion mayor, but then a whole bunch of other stuff got thrown in to teach me a lesson. I say oddly obedient because he´s mainly just concentrated on the small things. Like he gets really worked up if we only read 2.5 pages of the handbook and not 3, or if we spend an hour and a half with a struggling family in lunch instead of the normal hour, or that you can´t ever do a 1.8 hour weekly planning, because if it doesn´t reach 2 hours you´re a failure as a missionary. He treats missionaries and investigators and members in a way that makes them feel like tools in his mission, and there´s a massive lack of love. So, I´ve been working with God on that. It was pretty good until Sunday and then he started calling me names and so I just walked 10 paces away and starting calling people setting appointments. 

In the area, basically everything that we had before the cambio [transfer] is gone, and we´ve had to start from scratch. We have a drug addict Libardo with a baptisimal date and his alcoholic brother Hubmerto as well, but that´s been really difficult with Libardo because he commits to go to church and is super excited, he even got a haircut and everything for it, and then he disappeared Saturday night. Apparently he´s got some friend that´s a super bad influence. But, we´re looking for a solution because we can´t be with him so late. We´ve got a bunch of pending things this week, but the zone leaders are on my back because we won´t be able to reach our goal of baptisms this month. 

This last week we met a cool cat named Ruen Colorado, who actually seems to have a lot of interest. But, this weekend he went to Manizales and couldn´t go to church and we couldn´t visit with him, but hopeful he can begin to progress this week. 

Hey, something that was really exciting this past week was that we went to PriceSmart, basically Sam´s Club. It´s all bulk, memberships, and way cheap. But, it´s all American imports! I caved and bought a whole bunch of whipped cream and all these latinos who have never had it are amazed at its glory. Also, I bought some tomates del arbol for jugos and made a jugo this week and I thought it tasted fine and asked my comp to taste it to make sure it had sufficient sugar, and he was like this is the most disgusting jugo it needs a lot more sugar and apparently it needed more sugar. 

One of the Hermanas in my district from Chile, Hna Gajardo, has some tendon thing in her leg, but the doctors have put her on mandatory rest. Actually, they did it a week ago and she was like heck no I gonna work and now her legs hurts too bad and the sisters haven´t worked for two days. Hopefully, there´ll be a good update with Ruen next week!

This member (Hugo Giraldo) served his mission in Peru, and learned how to cook various peruvian dishes and we´ve eaten Ají de Gallina, Lomo Saltado, Chicha Morada, Lomo Saltado, y Tallerín Verde there. It´s the best. 
Lomo Saltado!

 On exchanges with Elder Crispin, visiting a new convert that is awesome!

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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