Monday, May 11, 2015

To the Beach!

Yeah so, we went to the beach today. We got permission from a counselor of the mission and so we went with him to the beach and a military museum. It was an awesome day. we spent the day in the blaring sun and 40 degree weather and playing futbol, volleyball, and taking pictures. A whole bunch of us were like "gosh I just want to get in the ocean; we are dying" but yay for obedience. One time, the soccer ball went into the ocean and floated like 100ft away and we had to ask some guy to go out and get it.
 Elder Pezo and me

me in front of the beach (Cabañas I believe)

 Elder Smith and Me

Our Zone's nametags in the sand.
Mision Colombia
May 11 2015
Zone  Monteria

At the War Museum
with army backpack and rifle in the museum

 Driving a super old Amphibian

 Elder Pacaya and Elder Hicken
taking a selfie of people taking pictures Hicken, Hernandez, Pezo

So, the other two missionaries in the ward have been teaching a kid and he´s getting baptized soon, and they asked him who he wants to baptize him and he said he wants me to baptize him and I´m like "What?" So, we put attention this week in having those nuevos and it paid off, and we have a good count for this week and it looks like we´ll have a good count for the next week as well.

These past weeks, I´ve had a steadily growing testimony in that God isn´t going to do stuff for us if we aren´t even willing to do them for ourselves. That is to say that asking for stuff isn´t the trick. That´s why the Bible says that "faith without works is dead", that you pray and pray, and then you go out and do it! This is a massive thing on the sides of the investigators and people we teach, and also for us. If we want nuevos or baptisms, and we aren´t putting everything into that, pailas.

Hey, make sure Sierra knows how great her song was that she played on harp! That was awesome to skype, it´s always great, Happy Mother´s Day, Mom! 
Skyping with the family on Mother's Day
Also that I Am thing from Lily is stellar as well. Also that song Talon and Renen and Melissa did. 

A couple more photos of randomness:
A LOT of Arroz con Leche we did with an Hermana

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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