Monday, September 12, 2016

Bien, o ¿qué?

  • Henry Bermudez was baptized on Saturday! 
  • The Family Rincón was interviewed on Sunday and should be baptized on Saturday. 
  • Jhonathan Alzate will be interviewed on Wednesday and should be baptized on Saturday. 
  • The Marlon and Miriam Alzate familia didn´t come to church because Marlon couldn´t change turns but worked it out to come next week, so their baptism should be the following week. 
  • Good news also, our person from "another well-known church that has a strong reputation in South America and part of the reputation is the amount of knowledge and ability to explain that they have" has a baptismal date now, though it´s still costing her to go to church. 

I forgot to mention last week that we extracted a viper from the church during ward council. Good experiences. Hey, also we did do a service this week, to answer mom´s question from last week. We went to a finca [farm]and picked café [coffee beans]. It was fun.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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