Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Today, all the missionaries that have been here for six weeks are gone and also all the latinos and the 4-weekers are out on 'tour' around the city so it's only the 5 of us in the CCM. It's weird actually. 

Also we went to the Temple again this morning. 

Elder Alvarado and I did a tie swap so I've got an Alvarado memorial tie. 
Elder Alvarado (peru flag), Colombian Flag, me (USA flag)

Also I smashed him in basketball but he can break dance. 

Elder Lauritzen is doing way better but there are still issues but not with him, but with Elder Tolman and he doesn't seem to actually get that he's a missionary yet. 

One thing with me having my camera is that these computers are just tiny little things and don't have an SD card slot so as of yet I have no way of putting pictures on these computers. 

My district and I are learning Spanish faster than the other districts have and it's very obvious why.  The amount of prayer, fasting, and faith that's gone into our gift of tongues is more than a little.  Hermana Rangel won't be our teacher after Wednesday. Everyone thinks we're sad about that because she's attractive but she's actually a super good teacher. We've been told who she thinks our next teacher is and he's not a fun guy. 

Also, my glasses are struggling. I'm still counting on them to last two years, but if I get hit in the face with another volleyball, those chances will drop. 

Also, that bag we got from our closet? Decent size hole in it already. I guess it might have been a good idea to pay for one. I'm sending it to the place the CCM uses to repair luggage, and I'm hoping that will solve my life problems. 

Last night, the leaving gringo elders had a testimony meeting in their room and, though we may have not been meant to, we went. 

My companions wanted to leave after the first prayer, but I convinced them so stay a little longer and they thanked me afterwards for that. It really was great. My prayer that night was like 20 minutes long and I felt the love of God super strong afterwards and then the Temple was all that more great this morning. 

I don't know if I mentioned that Elder Coronel (native roommate) snored like a malfunctioning train in a narrow tunnel, but he's gone to Barranquilla now. 

A couple Elders sang hymns in sacrament meeting on Sunday, and they were super great and they ended up recording it all and i believe sending it to their parents. 

Oh, guess what we did for Halloween! I think we said "Feliz Haloween" once and that was it; nobody cares. 

The Young Elder Hicken

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