Friday, November 28, 2014

Last Letter of the CCM

The thing about writing ten days since the last p-day is I remember not much. Elder Lauritzen went home this morning. We are very proud of his courage and he shared his testimony with us for about 45 minutes last night and we all woke up at 4am to see him and another sister off. 
Elder Romeu and me

I guess I also haven't had the chance to say much about my companion. Elder Romeu is great and is very ready to learn how to teach and also ready to learn English. But, he has not much regard to rules and is basically completely enamorada [in love] with a gringa sister and I think it's hilarious and I've told her but he doesn't know and it'll stay that way. But, she gave him a fist bump the other day and he didn't want to wash his hand and so maybe that'll give you an example with how it's been for the last two weeks. 

Tuesday morning around 3am we will leave to Medellin. Also we go proselyting tomorrow morning. The other night, I had an experience in which I felt the Spirit extremely strong and it filled me with confidence and I know the Holy Ghost is a real thing/ person. Also, I know the Church is true and the Book of Mormon is true, and that I want to devote the next 23 months solely to bring people back or to the full knowledge and happiness of the Gospel. I've never understood really why people reject or fall away from the Church, but to use words of Bednar, a person who consistently prays and reads the Book of Mormon will never fall away. 

So, yesterday was actually Thanksgiving. Most of the Americans here thought that it was last week but apparently not. But, since Presidente Dyer is American, we had Thanksgiving. Morning had the MTC Thanksgiving devotional which was a Q&A with David A Bednar that was using certain knew technologies that no one but I care much about. But, it was cool and it ended when no one wanted it to. The cooks actually cooked turkey with a whole lot of guidance of Hermana Dyer and they cooked 7 of them and then they also made mashed potates and gravy and vegetables and we were so happy. Then Presidente gave a big prayer and we went around saying things we're thankful for. Then all the big kids had a mission field orientation meeting which was really entertaining and it included alot of making fun of Chileans and then we ate dinner and watched Meet the Mormons. Still a fantastic movie. And then after that we had a bunch of time to talk to Elder Lauritzen and the other sister that is going home. They both have great desires to be back in a bit and they will be. This morning I went to the Temple for likely the last time in two years and Elder Romeu was just disappointed we didn't have Hermana Newbie (his love) in our session like last time because she didn't even come because she has two weeks left. Her name isn't actually Newbie.

Basically in the last two weeks, I've just done everything we did in the first 4 weeks but with more Spanish, no language study, and with a latino companion. It's been a bit boring for me but I'll be like an actual missionary come Wednesday when I get a trainer in the field. I've been told that the CCM feels as long as the rest of your mission. Also I've heard that the CCM is the worst part. I won't complain about the CCM because I couldn't argue with it and it's shorter than it used to be, but I'm glad to be leaving.

I've been telling the Purple Feather joke and no one really seems to enjoy it as much as I do but I'll keep trying. Also the same with the 'Tis Bottle joke.  [We're not surprised, as these aren't the laughing type jokes -- more the groaning type.  These are the types of jokes that can be told for like 10 minutes that try to build interest -- like "what is this purple feather that everyone is talking about in the story?" -- and then in the end it was a total waste of time and you wished Kai hadn't just stolen that time from you.]
There's probably more that has happened but I can't remember them.
Our CCM Christmas Tree

√Člder Hicken

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