Monday, April 13, 2015


Well, I´m now here in the hottest city in the mission and it´s also ridiulously humid. They told me it does like 40 everyday with alot of humidity, but it´s going into winter so it`s more like 30 now. The cold showers we have feel so good in the heat, it`s like swimming in a pool on a really hot day.

So, we have a baptism scheduled for the 25th, and the prospects are faily good to have a couple more before the end of the cambio. It´s cool because the missionary who was here before me was Elder Nae´ole who was my comp in the CCM so I can see the type of missionary that he is by talking to members and investigators and the other elders.

There are 4 of us in the ward and we all live together. The other companerismo is Elders Sanchez (the LD [district leader]) and Hernandez, and then my kid, Elder Pezo. Pezo is a total change from Elder Rios. He´s a riot, energetic to work, humble, gets along well with everyone, and I really hope I can be the trainer he needs.

This week, one of our investigators, Nuvia, gave us a reference of her son´s girlfriend, Lorena, and she came to church! She accepted the invitation to be baptized, but didn´t accept a fecha [baptism date]. Nuvia has fecha though.

Also, Cereté is beautiful. I noticed pretty quickly that there aren´t any mountains, but it´s like a little town and there are alot of dirt roads. This place is awesome and the people are really friendly. I will have a lot more fun here than I did in Envigado. I still spend time thinking about the investigators that I was teaching there, but there`s alot here. I was transferred from the area that baptized the least of all the mission, to the zone that baptizes the most in all the mission. The only downside to being here is the killer hot humidity and the constant layer of sweat that is impossible to quitar [avoid]. The Church building is air conditioned, and it´s really comfortable in there. But, when we left church yesterday I was like "oh gosh it is so hot". Each one of us has our individual fan that we keep constantly blowing and that helps a bit. I really just look forward to the cold shower every morning.

To answer Mom's questions, there was like 10 of us or something that traveled together to Montería, and it was about 10 hours. We are in a town called Cereté, about 18km from Montería. The area is in way better condition than I found Envigado, but it´s got investigators that will be baptized igual with Envigado, but that the investigators will be baptized here first. I´m a bit anxious to see if Rios will be able to get those people baptized. 

The living situation is really hot, and I´m really hot. We have more room than our house in Envigado, but it´s a bit lower quality. I bought a hammock and now I find that they don´t have hooks to put it up. I was really looking forward to using the hammock in the coast because they told me that all the houses have hooks for the hammocks. It´s true, with the exception of our house.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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