Monday, April 6, 2015

New Cambios

So, I´m not left heres [in this area] to baptize. This week I go to Montería to finish training a missionary who Elder Nae`ole (my comp from the CCM) started to train. Montería is in the coast and is insanely hot. Apparently they baptize a lot there; it`s actually the most baptizing zone in the mission, but I really just want to be here in Envigado and baptize the investigadores we`ve got. 

 A guy named Rodolfo came to conference yesterday and he has a baptismal date, and he`s progressing real good. He`s got good questions, and really wants to know the truth. I have a lot of hope for this guy and I`m really dissapointed that I won´t be here. I guess being here to finish what I started isn`t what I need. There must be something in Montería that I need more, may it be the companion, the people, or whatever. But I am actually upset. 

More than half the zone is getting transferred out, and most of them south to the Eje Cafetero where they grow coffee like you can`t imagine. So, I have to be in a meeting for trainers tomorrow afternoon and then I spend like 12 hours in a bus going to the coast and I´ll be able to work again on Thursday. Lo bueno [The good thing] is that Elder Routson will be my LZ again. 

Lately, we`ve been meeting people who have already been taught by the missionaries like a year ago or more, but thought the missionaries were partial failures. One said that the missionaries just wanted to baptize him, and that he wasn`t ready and wasn`t sure he knew that the Book of Mormon was true, and the missionaries were like no just get baptized and you get your answer later and so he didn´t want to put a date with us. But we talked it over and explained how we will make sure that won´t happen, and so he put a date with us. 

Also, Rodolfo I explained. Haiderson, the black kid, didn`t come to conference and he has a situation that we`re still trying to figure out, but he`s living in a casa hogar with a pensionista that is apparently tyrannical. This week was really difficult with Semana Santa because loads of people left Medellín to fincas and stuff and didn´t have time for us, so that was rough. Thursday night there were tons of processions and we almost couldn´t get home. I took a video of a procession that passes our house. I don`t know if it`s sinning to do that, but they were playing "Hey Jude" by The Beatles and "Imagine" by John Lennon and I just thought that was funny and ironic. 

General Conference was great, though it seemed like Saturday was mainly concentrated on marriage and the missionaries who will die [go home] this week or the next cambio were freaking out. I really liked Monson´s from the Priesthood session and Holland`s on Sunday.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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