Monday, June 15, 2015


So, the only one leaving [this transfer] is Elder Tronky. It's spelled that way, but pronounced "Sanchez". The LZ don't want to give us any details, so we only know that he's going to Armenia. Not the country, there's a city called that. It's the most south city in the mission (Proof on wikipedia) .

Hey, to start, Happy Birthday Lily!! Sounds like your party went great, and I hope you have a blast with your new roller skates!

Cereté has gone through a dark point, with the area of Muñoz and Sanchez with essentially nothing, and although Pezo and I have a bunch of stuff, we had a rough time getting people to church. Oh, fun fact. It's pretty rare that comps spend more than 12 weeks together, but Pezo and I are going to be together for 18.

We use the same internet every week because it's really close and has air conditioning, but I decided the other week that the dueña [owner], Ingrid, can't be such friends with the missionaries (she gives us food, hats, and other things, and sometimes does us favors) and not get baptized, or that we don't even give it a good shot. So, we started putting the team effort into assimilating her into an investigator, and she finally even came to church yesterday! We were hoping on good results, she's a bit atheist/catholic (if you want details, I've got them) and is pretty against churches. She told us afterwards that she had had a "revelation" and we were hoping it would be a "I need to be baptized" or "the Church is true" type of thing, but we were way off. We passed by her house to eat last night, and she told us "I've decided I need to form my own church" and we were like no, Ingrid, no. At least she's open to churches now, but we're going to see what's going to happen within the next 14 weeks I think I'll have here.

The Hna Erika invited us over for lunch today, and they gave me the honor of killing the chicken for the soup. That's all the details I'm going to give.

I remember someone (i think Mom) saying sometime that in the mission the taste buds change and you like a lot more things; it's like a little blessing God gives the missionaries. I now love Avocado, like cucumber, tolerate lentils, and after 7 months of eating about a pound of rice a day, I'm still able to eat it. It's great because the people really like me here, and when they like you, they give you more food.

Time's super short, so I'll get to the pictures next week. There aren't many anyway.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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