Monday, June 8, 2015

President Pitrach se va

Remember how I complain a lot about the disobedience of certain missionaries? Well, it's gotten worse. Elder Sanchez is now super trunky and has spent more than one day this week just sleeping or whatever and not working. The worse part is that Pezo, the only other missionary here that seems to be fine not working, is the one that spends the time as Sanchez' companion. I've been working with Muñoz a lot this week, and it's getting rough, and also to see my kid being so influenced by the district leader that they spend their time in the house not working. It's been a struggle on that end for the week.

But, the bright side is that we're working with some super awesome people. For example, well there's the people of whom I talked about last week, and there's not any big news on them -  Gisel and Valentina are still on their path to baptism, but it's been really cool working with Yerika this week. Pezo went with Sanchez on Tuesday to teach Yerika, and Yerika brought a friend named Angelica. Apparently it went really well, and they put a return appointment for Thursday. I guess they forgot that we had a conference with the President on Thursday, but Thursday night Pezo told me "oh, we had a cita with Yerika this morning that we missed" and I was like what are you doing? So, I went with Muñoz to arreglar [fix] the situation and we did, although we didn't get them to church (we arreglamos [fixed] the situation Sunday night), we got them to the ward activity today because today is festivo (for those unacquainted with South America, they have continental festivos all the time, and no one even knows what for) and so we had a ward activity and they both came and were having a great time. It's awesome too, because they are studying the Book of Mormon together, and always tell us details from what they read, and always have a question or two.

Today this ward activity was great. Although it was super hot and super humid, we played soccer and everyone was like dying from the heat and we were drenched in sweat but it was fun. We had a grill and rice and everything, and someone brought a cheap frisbee which was awesome, and I got all these people playing frisbee and people were like what is this and I was like I am improving your quality of life

So, I kinda skipped over Thursday, with the Conference with the Pte Pitarch and the Hna. They are ending their mission at the end of the month, and are giving all their goodbyes. So, they were here and we did a multizone conference and they did a question and answer thing and shared their testimonies, and the President talked for like two hours trying to share all the advice possible before leaving us. It was great, and we had a last moment to say goodbye.  Of course, the Hna Pitarch gave every elder a hug and we were like bueno, I'm pretty certain this doesn't count as disobedience, and the Pte told everyone they had more potential, and they let me play piano, and it was a great day.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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