Monday, July 13, 2015

I like walking

This week was awesome. We met a super cool family contacting this week, and although they didn't come to church, a big part was because of a motorcycle accident they had. It wasn't bad, just that the youngest daughter scraped up her leg a good bit and it hurts to walk, and we haven't talked much with other members of the family because they've been coming and going. But, the family is super cool, believe me.

We received a reference from some sister missionaries in Montería of a family that lives in a place called el Carrillo. After a bit of research, we found out el Carrillo is a bit farther than San Pelayo, a smaller town outside of our small town. Basically, we thought it wasn't very far, maybe like a kilometer or two. Turns out, it's about 8 (5 miles). 

 Elder Pezo and I outside San Pelayo as we walk to el Carrillo

We kept thinking, it's just up ahead, no that's not it until two hours passed and we finally got there. We started looking for the house with the address we were given, carrera 2 with 8. After a half hour, I noticed we were actually looking for carrera 8 with 2, and that was not what we wanted. Basically, we started looking over, and asking questions, we were told that el Carrilllo was still like a half hour more, and if we wanted to get back to Cereté, we'd have to get going because there weren't going to be motos going back for very long. Equally, it was about to rain. So, we got on moto going back (took about a half hour) and it started raining like mad. We got super soaked. Even worse, we were almost there and my moto went right through a massive puddle (the streets are used as canals to channel the water out, so about a foot of water gathers there) and drenched my shoes and below my knees, and Pezo's moto let him off in the water-filled street. We were 100% drenched when we got there, and I was even missing a contact that was washed out. Our plan was iron a new shirt, put on new pants and socks and shoes and tie and all, and get to the next appointment. We get upstairs to the apartment and the power goes out for like 5 hours. Even better, the power went out the next day for practically the whole day. Hey, but it was fun. En fin, we never even found the house. We scheduled another day to find it (this time not walking) but it sure made for a good story.

I'm fairly certain I've mentioned at some point the challenges that exist in my district, and that I've got a supporting zone leader. This week I gained a victory. I got the entire district to work like I tell them to. It didn't last the whole week, but it lasted for a couple days. But, the victory wasn't that it happened, but what it did. Basically, the other elders noticed they got to the house feeling really good and excited to work more and I was like guys, I told you it always works like this, and I'm super excited for this next week, because the goals and plans we've got make it seem like the same thing will happen, but for more duration. Basically, I'm winning.

Oh hey, the weather is a whole lot better this week. It's actually raining.

Quick question, what malt drinks are there over there? Here, we've got Pony Malta and it's super good and I like it, but I want to know if there's like an equivalent in the USA.

A Colombian Sunset
Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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