Monday, July 6, 2015

New Mission President

So Presidente Caderon has officially taken the throne, though we don´t actually have any word of anything he´s done or anything. So far, for those of us far from the offices it´s just a background change. It´s like Apple with the ´s´ updates. But, the first letter he sent was total greenie "Hace siete días llegué a esta santa tierra Medellín y ya me siento preocupado porque me faltan solo tres años para concluir mi misión y salir de este maravilloso lugar, con misioneros muy bien formados por líderes amorosos como nuestro Presidente Pitarch y su amada Esposa." 

["It's been 7 days since I arrived here in the holy land of Medellín and I'm already feeling worried that I only have 3 short years to complete my mission  and leave this marvelous place, with highly trained missionaries by loving leaders like President Pitarch and his wife."]
Also they say he´s super short. If you saw the pictures with Pitarch and his shortness, Calderon is shorter.

This week was a lot better, and as a district we´re improving a lot. It´s been rough getting over the empty area Elder Sanchez left for Muñoz and León, along with Elder Davila, who´s only got 3 months out, training Elder Zuchel in La Granja, and there´s frankly stuff they don´t know how to do because they´re so new. But, there´s been a lot of improvement this week in focus and work and things like that. Pezo and I put a baptismal date with Angelica, who is super awesome, and also awesome. But, she left the next day to Venezuela for a week, but considering she didn´t have anything here, not friends, family, job, or studies, it could be that she stays in Venezuela trying to start a new life. We´re hoping not, but we´ll have to see.

So, before I tell this story, you need to understand that León is the shortest of us four, and Muñoz the fattest. And they´re companions. We pass our time nearly principally making fun of each other. Playing jokes, stellar one liners...many of you know I fit right in here. So, last night we were passing time railing on León for being little, including the fact that he uses a chair to stand on to see into the mirror in the bathroom, and that he plays the Ukelele instead of the Guitar that I play to compensate and play relative to his size, among many others. It continued until Muñoz, laughing at Leon, sat down and broke a chair. Obviously, this was not an opportunity to be missed. We took advantage of that. We also learned that fat is an effective cushion. Muñoz challenged me to give him a 5star on the belly and try to make the mark, and doing so I think hurt me more than him, though I left a purple mark and I´m sure I broke something like a vein, but he didn´t show any signs of pain.

Hey, so how was everyone´s 4th? Apparently the entire world knows what the 4th of July is, and recognize it. I wore a cardstock printout of the American Flag on my shirt and sang the National Anthem, so you could say I partied hard.
 My Fourth of July Festive Spirit

So, for my weekly heat update. You know how weather channels adjust for wind chill? Well, you can do the same thing for heat, adjusting for like humidity, rainfall, cloud cover, and stuff like that. Lunchtime the other day was 36ºC (97ºF) but the "RealFeel" said 52ºC (126ºF) and I took a picture. The good news is that today it´s cooled down a bit, and I think the hot spell is over and it´ll return to classic rainy Southern American coast.

Keep in mind this is CELSIUS!
RealFeel 52C=126F
Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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