Monday, August 24, 2015

10 meses [months]

Well, I hit double digits in months this past week. Cool. So, there´s not much I can write here. It´s been a super interesting week, but most of the things I´ll have to talk about in Navidad or afterwards, p.20 MM (español). Short story is the Stake and Mission are getting involved because of cosas [things] in the ward and it´s way being more a detriment to the obra misional [missionary work] than a help. On the actual missionary side, we´re doing well. Being a trio, it´s easier to do divisiones because we only need one guy to make two companionships instead of two. So, we´re taking advantage of that, just that we only have like 5 members who put energy towards the obra misional. There´s almost a complete lack of support from the ward, though they do still give us lunch. It´s just rough. It´s on the point of being downgraded to a branch for a bunch of reasons. 

Well, CONGRATULATIONES TO TALON AND MADDY eternal families you know what´s up. Lily is a riot in the pictures I miss her. Also, buena suerte to Kenzie starting BYU this week. Sounds like the wedding was a bit crazy, and I´ll be waiting for that slice of frozen cake when I get home. Just two years left. That´s what I tell the people when they ask how much time I have left and they get confused when I say I´ve got 2 years left.

I got the email about Bro Scarbrough, and it´s good and bad new that he passed away. I always remember his gratitude when we brought him the Sacrament every week. I think he introduced me to the pictures of all his children like 5 times, and he´s got like 7 kids. Always a sweet old man, he was. I always admired his wife for her constant smile and support through everything. 

We had a couple of investigators that came to church this week, but they had to go after sacrament meeting so it basically doesn´t even count. This week we´re going to drop a couple people and meet a bunch. Attached are a couple of pictures.
 The sunset after coming out of an appointment

The lights along el Caño Bugre, which is filling back up finally. 
We joke about how filthy that thing is. 
We´re pretty sure you  can get sick by looking at it. 
It looks better in the dark.
Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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