Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Everything Is Crazy

Sorry for writing on a Tuesday. We had a zone meeting and activity coupled with trainings to the leaders from Elder Rojas, an AP, and a couple other stuffs in Monteria for the day and they never left us time to write, so I can take a tiny time out today.

Basically, everything is crazy right now. This upcoming week should be really interesting. It looks like, after three weeks in a trio, I´m gonna have a new comp coming today or tomorrow. That´ll make 5 official comps in 4 weeks.

And it looks like one of my mission-long dreams may be realized. I may be authorized to proselyte in flip flops. I´ve developed an infection in my foot and normal protocol with that is not use shoes. Shoes are kind of like a 4 billion degree oven that that´s bacteria´s ideal climate. The locals describe it like this: cooking the infection. I´ll have the official words a bit later today. Elder Muñoz also has a massive ingrown toenail, basically you can only see half his toenail. Just don´t think too hard. I have a picture of my foot, but I´m not going to send it.

Also, I think I got sick this last week. Not sure what it was, and thanks to a bunch of prayer it went away quickly. Basically, I had all the primary syptoms for Chikungunia, a coastal Colombian disease. 

I feel like there´s more, but I always forget everything when writing time comes around.

Hey, so Diogenes made it to church again, and he´s liking it. Just gets really bored in Elders Quorum. He had a misconception that reading the folletos [study guides] of the lessons was the same as reading the BoM, and didn´t understand when we said otherwise (time and time again) so we finally confiscated his folletos and he started reading the BoM and he made a study journal and takes notes and writes his questions (which are a TON) and although he still makes random comments in lessons, he´s progressing well. For example, last week we invited an hermana [sister] to the lesson, and one point he randomly just said  [to her] "no es por enamorarla, pero tienes unos lindos ojos"  [Not that I'm in love with you, but you have beautiful eyes]and we were like oh gosh this guy wants his exaltation. At one point we really had to drag him back and he was like I think I was getting off topic and we were like yes

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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