Monday, October 12, 2015


This past week, we had the monthly Consejo de Líderes de Zona in Medellín where the Pte and the APs basically help us out and it´s super great. They said a bunch of cool things about running the zone, (Dad, I don´t know if over there there´s the equivalent of Como Apresurar la Obra de Salvación [Hastening the Work of Salvation) but a new version of the document came out from the area the 7.4 and we are really starting to use it in our daily work habits. I keep noticing more and more how God really does provide the way for us, but many times He even makes it obvious. If we use the tools we´ve got, I don´t know why so many people wonder how to fulfill their callings.
Velazquez sleeping on the ride to Medellín
Pte Calderon also spoke a bunch about the importance of Seminary and Institute, of the necessity that all the youth and JAS[young single adults] go, but used it in a greater example, of when we have our own kids. Basically, how are we going to hope that our kids are going to do something we neglected to do? It´s basically just saying to them that it wasn´t important to us, and it doesn´t need to matter to them either. The greatest way to teach is through example.

Proselyting has been a bit rough in Álamos because of the consejo and other errands for the zone, but we´ve got two families that we´re working really closely with right now. But, neither family came to church last week. One was traveling and the other was sick, but we´re trying to get them there. They´re both reading stuff, but only the familia Llanos Ruiz is reading the Book of Mormon, and neither of them are praying, so we´ve got a ways to go. The good news is that the reactivation in the zone is going strong.

It was cool in the Consejo to see a number of missionaries from my group there as either secretaries, zone leaders, or sister´s leaders. Of the 19 of us still in the mission, 6 of us were there, and 2 of them were my comps in the MTC (Elder Nae´ole and Elder Romeu). Elder Velazquez and I came back with a whole truckload of missionary revelations. 

The Montería crowd in the Consejo, Hna Vallejo, Hna some brazilian that was never in Monteria actually, Hna Ballesteros, E´Eno, E´Guzmán, E´Crandall, E´Hicken, E´Velazquez, E´Bagley
The Three of us from Armenia, Hna Cañas, Elder Velazquez, Elder Hicken
Those from my group in the Consejo, E´Nae´ole, E´Cruz, E´Hicken, E´Romeu, E´Peña, Hna Muñoz

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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