Monday, October 19, 2015

Rescate! Rescate! Rescate! [Rescue]

So, with the theme of the title, Rescate [Rescue]!! Not sure what the missionary term is in English, or if it works the same in other missions, but this week in the zone we got 10 to cross the line from less-active to active and that´s a massive accomplishment for us. The APs nearly fainted when we passed the dato and they´re traveling here for a training and they are going to congratulate us tonight.

This week, Elder Velazquez and I had a lot of success with references. We received and contacted a total of 7 references in the week and that´s massive. And it looks like 4-5 of them have real desires to learn and be baptized. It should be a good next couple of weeks. The families we were teaching before aren´t progressing and it might be that we need to dejarles [let them go], but we´re going to give them another last chance.

Also, I am still in flippy floppies. I´m pretty sure my dedo [toe] is a lot better, and I almost made it through a whole day without dying yesterday before changing my shoes for flip flops again.

I hiked up my spirituality this week and I feel super good. I concentrated more in my prayers and study and testimony and all that and I feel more energized to do things well. I´m super tired and super exhausted, but I can tell it´s just physical. My spirit wants to keep going forward, and that´s like the only thing that keeps me going. It´s kind of a cool feeling.

Tuesday, Elder Velazquez and I did a meeting with the LDs and we send their greenie companions to contact until we finished. They came back after an hour with like 9 people and it was awesome because one of them still doesn´t speak Spanish, and the other hasn´t finished his training either, but it was just showing the energy they still show towards the work. It kinda made me feel bad because sometime I feel like I´ve gotten used to being a missionary, but they showed me that I should live everyday like I were just barely starting the mission.

Also, I´m finding it difficult to talk English because I never talk English anymore, not even to other gringos. Writing still seems fine, but I can hardly read out loud either.

Elder Velazquez is super good and I´m really blessed to have him as an example as my first LZ comp.

I'm sure there was more that I wanted to say but I already forgot.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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