Monday, November 9, 2015


Hey so I finished my study on the caridad [charity], and typed up my summary and attached it. It took me a bit to do, so that means that the letter won´t be very long.

This week has been way crazy though. 5 new kids came from the CCM [Missionary Training Center] and the good news is that there aren´t many problems with their llegada [arrival] still. They opened an area in the zone, which meant creating a new district, so there´s three districts now. One of the LD just got here, and he was LZ in Sincelejo, so that´s cool. Also, Élder Zuchel, who was in my district in Montería, came and is in the zone and that´s also cool.

This week, Élder Velázquez and I are traveling to Medellín for Consejo. While I´m there, I´m going to get my toe checked out. The super cool is that this month there´s a capacitacion [training] for the LDs and Hermanas Líderes the next day after our consejo. The good is that we´re going to have bomb lideres in the zone, and the bad is that the zone is going to be practically empty this week because it´s 8 hours to Medellín and so that´s two days of pure travel for each thing in Medellín. But it´ll be cool to see a couple kids who are LD in Medellín like Élder Hurtado my Padre who is LD in Montería.

Hey fam, I´ve decided with Elder Velazquez to start taking more advantage of the piano (super untuned, but piano) here in our capilla. Could you scan and send me some of my music? Like the first 16 pages of Rhapsody in Blue, my John Schmidt songs, and maybe just some others. I´m starting to forget how to play a couple of them.

Just to put something here, it cracks Velazquez and I up how the people say "ciao" here. They say it more like a question. ¿ciao?  If you want an example, ask me in the llamada in Diciembre [phone call in December].

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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