Monday, November 30, 2015

Locura [madness]

Happy Thanksgiving pues (hay que leerlo con acento Paisa) [you have to read that with a country accent]. Our Thanksgiving celebration was a Noche de Hogar [Family Home Evening] Thursday that fell through while we were there in the casa del miembro [member's house] waiting for the other family. Basically, the Pte of the Elderes just said "ah, feliz día de acción de gracias" ["Happy Thanksgiving Day"] and we ate sandwiches. It´s alright because we´ve been pretty busy hasta que también me olvidé [so much that I forgot]. 

I know that every week I keep saying this week has been super crazy but it´s because the locura [madness] isn´t ending or even slowing down, sino [rather] aumenting. Tuesday was normal, but Wednesday  we didn´t even have the opportunity to sit down and teach except for taxis because we got swamped with vueltas [rounds]. Thursday I don´t even remember, but I remember the cancelled Noche de Hogar, and the crazy coordinating to get baptismal interviews done.

Friday the Pte came for interviews but got here late and didn´t know how to get to the capilla [chapel], and the APs also got here late because their bus was under repair for a while. We didn´t even get to be there in the interviews to regulate anything ni [neither] the APs because we went  visiting every house in the zone (7) to inspeccionarlas [inspect them] and clean them (super deap cleaning) and so we did it in divisiones [splits]. I went with Elder Rojas from Bogotá. We made the hour and a half travel to Sevilla and while he interviewed the four elders there, I went with the other three inspecting and cleaning the house.  Then we made the hour and a half travel back to Armenia and there was some little kid who threw up during the ride and the bus didn´t smell so good and the window next to us didn´t open. And then the Hna [Sister Missionary] decided to not interview sino [but rather] go to the  casas de los misioneros para inspeccionarlas [missionary appartments to inspect them] and apparently she´s a perfecionista  ( not even a word) and was cleaning everything imaginable haste [even] in the nevera [fridge's] the rubber seal, how it´s got that crack? Yeah, when she went to Calarcá with Elder velazquez y Elder Opheikens the hnas there are nearly perfect and everything was 100% clean and they are also really obediente and humble, but when Hna Calderón opened the fridge and pointed out the hardly dirty seal, Hna Cañas nearly threw her out the window.

Saturday, we had two baptisms and the mom of one called us like 3 hours before that she wanted to change the location of the baptism to a different capilla [chapel], and that made tons of complications with special music numbers and that there were going to be two baptisms at the same time, and that they would happened at the same time, and stuff like that, that we barely got it worked out by the time it happened, while going to a training meeting for SEI and also citas medicas [medical appointments] for a hna en la zona.

Today, we need to go to every house in the zone and paint them and also plan a couple things for Christmas, but it still feels like relaxing in contrast to last week. I hope that kind of week is normal in other zones and missions, but that´s what happened here this week. 

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

Elder Velazquez and I with David and Natali Niño

Hnos Viveros Lopez then Estefhanía and Daira with us two in baptism of Estefhanía. She´s got a bathrobe and all because it´s after the baptism and she´s super skinny and so get cold and sick easily after getting wet

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