Monday, December 7, 2015


This week wasn´t so crazy sino tough. I´m starting to understand why. The good side is that to maybe soften the blow of an unproductive week Élder Velázquez and I have recieved an amount of praises from different sources. It came as a surprise, with local leaders saying that they´ve never seen such a great group of missioneros en Armenia, that the APs and Pte never have to worry about Armenia, that they feel great amounts of trust in us, even to the point that another zone called us yesterday for pointers because the APs had told them to call us because we are doing well.

It's been teaching me alot how people don´t see many details until they get close. I guess I´ve learned the lesson a long time ago, that if I don´t have glasses I don´t see ningun detail until I get real close. We can be doing well, but only we know the locuras that are happening and even the missionaries in our zone don´t know what´s happening in the background. That´s something that happens on every side of the spectrum. Maybe we say that someone failed for their fault, but it was for external force. It´d be like saying a wall painted itself. Remembering right now, I´ve been realizing more and more over the last couple weeks how much sense the Gospel has. Many of us think that gaining the Celestial Kingdom will be much easier than it is in reality. There´s something much bigger happening than we all think.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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