Monday, December 28, 2015


So  Navidad was good, really just a focus change. We focused a lot more on Jesus Christ and although we passed it very normally, I never felt that I was missing out on anything because we were focusing on the birth of Jesus Christ and sharing that a good bit.

Also, it was great talking with the party on Wednesday, and Lily makes me laugh still. It's great to see you're all alright, and now I can sing that song "I'll be home for Christmas." I don't think I'll actually sing it much, but it's now legal.

This season of New Year's is interesting. As people welcome 2016 with parties and drunkeness, their bad decisions the half of which they won't remember clearly, and looking back at the things they wanted to do but for lack of something they never achieved, they'll be making goals for the coming year. Honestly, it's a hard-skulled bobada [silliness] and it repeats itself on a yearly basis, without failing for an award-winning streak. How about at least a couple of us do something different with our goals and instead of making a goal without a plan, figure out the reason for failing in 2015 and make our goal to fix that specific thing and therefore not fail in 2016. A definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result." The insanity of the human race is that we do the same thing year to year and expect that "this time it'll be different" and when it isn't, say it the next time and expecting that we have reason [Editor's note: tenemos razón is translated literally as "we have reason" but colloquially it is "we are right"]. Friends, it'll only be different if you actually do something different. How about let's not fail in 2016, sino [rather] acheive the things we've been waiting for for years. If we do it with a diligent or constant effort, trusting in the supporting arm of Him of whom we celebrate his birthday, this time it'll be different.

As Talon said, and as I say to missionaries and leaders in the mission, "Find out what doesn't work and don't do it."

Prospero 2016,
Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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