Monday, December 14, 2015


So like 4 months ago the mission closed a zone in Chocó for a couple reasons unrelated with the missionaries and so there aren´t missionaries there. It´s super far and super poor and really underdeveloped. Hermana Calderón called me on Saturday to tell me that I would be going with Élder Peña (another LZ in Pereira) to open Chocó again. She passed me to Élder Allen the Sec Ejecutivo to give me all the details and stuff. I was like "what?! oh well, Élder Peña is good" and then like half an hour later Hna Calderón called to say it was a joke. Cool story.

But this week is cambios and I´m still going to be in Armenia, but Élder Velázquez se va a [is leaving to] Montería. My new comp is Élder Canavese who is currently LD in Armenia, but starting tomorrow I´m training him as a new LZ in propia [our own] Armenia. Also, big news is that the area of Álamos 2 is opening, and so now I´m in Álamos 1; they split our area in two. Also, Élder Pezo who I trained in Cereté is coming to the zone. So last cambio came 5 new kids to the zone from the CCM, this time 2, so we have a total of 7 trainers in the zone, but there´s only 10 companionships.

This week Élder Velázquez and I fasted a couple times. We´re trying to focus on how we can better deserve God´s hand in the zone and the area. We´re praying more, fasting more, and esforzando a [trying to] listen to the Spirit more. We knew ahead of time that the new missionaries would be coming to Álamos, so we took a bit of time contacting in Álamos 2 to make sure they had work when they get on Wednesday. Also, we´ve been looking for a new home, and we found one this week. We did the whole process relying a lot in the Spirit, and we found an apartment that is of a less active, and there´s a couple advantages addicionales [additional] that make stuff better. 

Made me laugh that y´all finally got to go to Amahl and the Night Visitors and I can totally see Dad quoting stuff like "licorice...try some!" I think the reading gene must run in the family with Lily now reading a bunch and I remember Sierra reading a bunch and I remember reading a bunch...also I´m impressed with Lily´s handstand! Also, Lily is starting to look way like Sierra which I don´t remember from before. Also, cool new Stake Presidency.

Pte Calderón came and everyone (including us) was thinking he was going to call a new District Presidency and ended up only calling a new counselor. The Pte, Pte Londoño has a real long time as District Pte and Pte Calderón said only "Presidente Londoño se queda hasta 2049" [will remain until 2049] and everyone thought it was funny but he might have been serious. 

Hey I found out last week that Hna Calderón really likes Doctor fact. 

Élder Hicken

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