Monday, February 1, 2016

Zenú - something like that

So I announced last week that I had cambio to Montería. Yes, I am still LZ, but the area has its quirk. The week before cambio, the area recieved an extension. Basically, we have our area anterior and the part we're opening. But, I don't know much about the area.

Actually, it's been quite the week. In the stories I'm going to count, keep in mind that the funds of the zone aren't coming and so there isn't money (0 money) to travel, to go to the hospital, to eat, to whatever. Martes [Tuesday], we left Armenia to Medellín (7 hours). Miércoles [Wednesday] we left Medellín to Montería (9 hours). We left super late because not one person had enough money to buy their ticket. We had to wait for the Sec. Financiero of the mission to buy the tickets and we got to Montería at like8:30pm. When we got there, no one had the money for taxi to come and get their comps and those who did didn't have money to return. I don't know how we managed to get people home, but like Élder Ampuño and I live close, we walked. Jueves [Thursday] we went to Lorica (1.5 hours) for two baptismal interviews for the LD there. So, in the three days I spent 19 hours in bus. But wait, there's more. Élder Ampuño left our house keys (the only set) in Lorica and so we couldn't get in the house. While we were trying to find a solution, the APs and the Pte started to call about a sick elder in the zone saying that he needed to go to the hospital immediately. Don't worry, everything turned out alright and he's working in his area, don't precoop [worry]. But, as we didn't have money to pay the hospital, we spent much time calling everyone possibly involved (sec. financiero, pte, ap, lz from Montería Sur, ld...) trying to collect the necessary money. I ended up staying with him to translate (he's a new gringo and doesn't understand nearly anything) until almost midnight. To make sure he was taking his meds (including waking him up at 1am) I kept with him for 3 days (until today in the morning) and so I haven't taught ni [not even] one lesson in my area. It's been a great week.

I've learned a couple things about humility also this week. If anyone remembers my cartas [letters] from Cereté, it was hot there. There wasn't any breeze either. Here in Montería, there's a lot of breeze and I'm like this is awesome. Cereté is the hottest area in the mission and I'm glad for to not be there still in the mortal heat. But, people say that this month is "el mes de cometas" or the kite month for all the wind. Next month is the hot month because the wind goes away. But I'm enjoying it for the time being. For the record, the weather says that right now is 30C [86F] ("RealFeel" 44C [111F]) for the breeze and cloud cover. It feels real nice outside. Average is about 35C [95F]with high humidity, strong sun, no clouds, and breeze unless you're in Cereté. Normal is like 40C [104F]. It's a lovely place.

A veces personas no hacen la conexión entre cosas espirituales y cosas temporales. No reconocen que las cosas espirituales gobiernan nuestra vida temporal y para obtener estabilidad duradera en uno, es necesario la estabilidad en el otro. 

[Sometimes people don't get the connection between spiritual and temporal things.  They do not recognize that spritual things govern our temporal lives and in order to obtain lasting stability in one, it is necessary to establish it in the other].

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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