Monday, June 13, 2016


¡¡Sí!! Patricia and Over were baptized this weekend. It was a great service and we had assigned members to prayers and messages and everything, those members were there, but almost no one more. 

At 6 USA played against Paraguay and at 8:30 Colombia against Costa Rica, so that was a bit tricky. Here, if there´s a futbol [soccer] game, the world stops almost literally. The good part is that USA and Colombia are continuing from the group, with the USA out ahead.

Congrats, Mom on the new calling!

Last Sunday, after problems for not having a Lider Misional [ward mission leader] for a month, the Bishop told me I was the Lider Misional. Luckily, they called a real Lider Misional yesterday, in the picture it´s the tall guy on the left. He´s in white because he baptized Patricia.

Also, the Hna Calderón sent out the pictures of our house as examples to the rest of the mission so we're a bit happy for that. But, I think it´s more because we actually sent all the pictures, not for being so clean....

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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