Monday, June 20, 2016

Feliz Día del Padre [Happy Father's Day]

I don´t know when Father´s Day is in the USA, but here it was yesterday. So Feliz Día, papa.

Rough week, not much success. The biggest success was meeting a kid Dylan Garzon that, although he´s got a rough past, wants to change and accepted the doctrinal truths easily.

The fun part of the week is that Pte and Hna Calderon came to visit Pereira and invited the zone leaders and Élder Martinez and I to dinner in their hotel and I kid you not it was the restaurant más pinchado I have been in. A bit expensive, but a great experience. The next day Hna Calderon invited us to a mexican restaurant in a mall food court in Pereira and the atmosphere was all different.

I'm bit on [by] bit learning a lesson of diligence. You RMs know why. The more diligent, the more success we have. If we depend on God for that success, it´s exponential, and not just an inclined slope.

Shout out to Mackenzie aka Sister Macfarlane who goes to the MTC this week and to Lily who gets baptized on Saturday!

In Pereira, all the Stake we are doing a "Noche Blanca" where there are many baptisms. Élder Martinez and I don´t have anyone who gets baptized Saturday, but the other companionship should have two.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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