Monday, March 7, 2016

Cambios! [Transfers]

Well, to end the suspense I'm still here in Zenú, going for 3 months. 
Kai's Apartment

Élder Ampuño is headed to Medellín to end the training of some Peruano [Peruvian]. My new comp is Élder Alvarado, a Peruano that has the same time in the mission as my trainer, Élder Hurtado. They end their mission in two cambios [transfers], o sea [in other words] 3 months.

This week was real interesting. We had the week to work, except for Thursday when we went to Lorica for a baptismal interview and it's a little pueblito [town] that's 1.5 hours in bus. We sent home two Sisters that ended their missions yesterday también [also].

Tuvimos [We had] a problem in the barrio [ward] that they made a chisme [gossip] of my comp. We learned a lot in the process of killing the chisme and talking to everyone involved and Élder Ampuño learned a lot of why people sometimes don't come back to church after a chisme.  He really felt bad and culpado [guilty] although he didn't do anything wrong. I learned that if we don't think well about what we do and how we do it, we can end up hurting someone without even realizing it. When we live in our own little world, we lose the pure love of Christ and dejamos de [neglect to] notice the needs of others. No one even wanted to make a chisme against Élder Ampuño, but it happened anyway just because two people weren't careful about what they said, and other people didn't understand and didn't bother to clarify well, and then no one took it back to the source except the Bishop, the Presidente of Mission, and us. But, we did it successfully and all's well that ends well. 

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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