Monday, March 21, 2016

Consejo, and Feliz Semana Santa

I've noticed a quantity of emails from other missionaries with the initiative of the Church "Halleluyah". To us we haven't gotten anything, so I'm not sure if that's also an initiative in Colombia too. I don't know, these kinds of things seem to always get to us real late. De pronto [Maybe all of a sudden] they get to us this week sometime.

Hey, shout out to Mackenzie for getting her call to Fukuoka Japan! 

This week we went to Medellín for the Consejo de Líderes. The ride there is normally about 10 hours and the buses aren't very comfortable. It made me miss the 7 comfortable hours from Armenia. Pailas. It was a good consejo, though. Real different than the anteriors [previous ones].
At the Leaders' council in Medellin 
Élder Canavese y Élder Hicken, Elder Covarrubias and Elder Velazquez  

We've had a rather successful cambio so far, but for Semana Santa people are traveling out and so this week is going to be interesting. Something that my companion and I have been doing is follow our leaders no matter what. Even if it doesn't seem the best thing to do, if it's in line with the commandments, follow your leaders. It'll turn out alright. God blesses people who follow their leaders more than people who do their best effort without following their leaders.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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