Monday, March 14, 2016

Rapidito - [Small and really quick]

We don´t have much time today. This week we go to Medellín for the Consejo de Líderes. 

I´m just going to answer Mom´s questions and give a quick update. It´s going good, Élder Alvarado is about my height, morenito, flaquito, talks a lot, he´s about to end the mission the next cambio [transfer]. He´s from Lima, he´s a good worker, and yes we are co-zone leaders -- there´s always two here. The area was real rough the last cambio for reasons but with the cambio the reasons aren´t here anymore and we´re free to progress. We had 7 nuevos [new missionaries] this week and we are working hard to be, to put it the most simply, perfect. We are pointing out openly everything that we need to better to be perfect and we make goals. Maybe it seems unorthodox, but that´s probably the best way to explain it in few words; it´s working anyway, so don´t comment. Como we will be in Medellín or traveling for half the week, we don´t have much time to work. So, we´re working a bit more today, and we have the first cita [appointment] in like 10 minutes so I write short for that. Have a great week, be ye therefore perfect.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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