Monday, April 18, 2016


Well, just like 6 weeks ago, I´ve got a new comp. Élder Alvarado and I are both leaving the area. It´s alright because we´ve got all the information they need to get here and take off running, and there´s plenty of people to work with, but it´s stressful at the same time. The good news is that one of the missionaries replacing us is Élder Velazquez, who was my comp in Álamos six months ago, and I trust in him to do a great job.

Élderes Alvarado, Muñoz, Villarroel, Hicken

Élder Alvarado and I are going to Pereira, but to different zones. I´m going to be in Pereira a part called Naranjos finishing the training of a missionary and being leader of district. I´m way way excited; I´ve spent the last 8 months training and all to the district leaders and now I need to be my perfect image of a district leader. The classic principle of live what you preach.

The week was a rough one, with alot of early mornings. We were exhausted all week and therefore we didn´t reach the goals we put -- we just didn´t work efficiently enough.

Also, Élder Muñoz, who was my companion in Cereté for 3 weeks ended his mission this week and I got to buy his ticket and send him off.

Me with the Río Sinú

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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