Monday, April 25, 2016


Well, I´m here in my new area. I´m training a new kid from Bolivia. He already has a cambio of training, I´m just finishing up the second half.

So, the temperature in Pereira is normally about 10C less than Montería. I normally have cold [feel cold] and it's great. In the mornings it does iis] about 20C and I put a jacket on and still feel the cold and right now I looked up the conversion and that's like 70F. So, that goes to show that I´m real accustomed to the hot weather and especially to Montería. Especially when I see the Centennial weather and it does like 5C in the mornings.

So my comp is from Bolivia and is Élder Martinez, has 18 years, and he´s learning a lot. The work is a lot different here than my other areas in the mission, and being district leader is a lot different than I remembered. It´s an opportunity to learn and put myself a bit deeper in the normal mission work. Actually, it feels more relaxing and good. My district is only two areas, and the other is Ëlder Limos (who I knew in Armenia, he was in the zone in my first cambio) and his comp is Élder Rodo and they are both from Bolivia. So I live in a little house with 3 bolivianos. 

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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