Monday, April 4, 2016

Invasion! Conferencia General!

So I´m sure Conferencia was great on Saturday, but we didn´t get to see it. We were under orders to not leave our house since Thursday. The guerrilla rose up and caused a stir, but everything´s normal again. This week we´ll have to see the Conferencia. Sunday was stellar though. 

Because of the situation with the guerrilla, no investigator could come but I wanted to just download the talks and show them to the investigators and people because they were perfect. It seemed to me that they talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and the effect that our actions have on our situation now and after. As Pte Monson said, we need our end in sight before taking decisions. There was a lot of talk about the Temple. Our end in sight includes the Temple, and what the Temple makes possible.  But it isn´'t just that we get to the Temple and do the ordinances, but that we go often to the Temple. The work and glory is that all men have eternal life, or that ALL men go through the Temple. That includes mission work and proxy ordinances. If our actions don´t include making the Exaltation more possible for us and others, it would be wise to analyze that action and why we do it. Sometimes we try to separate Gospel and the "Real Life" but doing so is showing that Jesus only matters sometimes. Pretending that He has nothing to do with our job or dreams or studies or sports would be saying that He doesn't love us, doesn't look for our welfare, and we forget him. We should acknowledge the hand He has in every part, and through obedience we will receive necessary blessing even in work, aspirations, school, and other activities. How many people reach a comfortable point in their lives and therefore decide that God no longer applies? It was a good Conferencia. We didn't get much done this week for a couple vueltas and then the invasion of the guerrilla, but this week we should get more done.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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