Monday, May 2, 2016

Cool Cats

So I've been using a sweater basically all the time. (suéter o chumpa, the jackets they say chaqueta and sometimes buzo). The Bolivians have a weird accent that they don´t roll their ´r´ but they put a 'z' and I´m trying to change Élder Martinez´ accent to talk normal. It´s rained constantly pretty much, and now that my shoes don´t have any traction on the bottom I´m slipping around everywhere.

Over Puerta has his baptismal interview this week, so we´re just waiting for the approval from Pte Calderón and he´s good to go.

We met two cool cats this week. Joan Ramirez has a bit more than 20 years [a little older than 20], and he´s an honest searcher for the truth. He wants to do the things right, and already came to church (but to the stake center) with his friend who  gave the reference. He´s really cool too that he prays with real intent and when I say real I mean real.

We also met Andrés Ramirez of about the same age that is real sincere. He recognized the necesity to read the Book of Mormon. We also started teaching the familia Furque who are less-actives except for the grandma, who is super old but really great. She lives with 4 sons and 2 grandkids and they are all less-active but she told us that her greatest wish is that her family comes back to church. The other day we were teaching them and entered some friends of the dad of the grandkids. The friends started asking questions about the Church and about missionaries and I say we like didn´t even talk, the grandkids (Geraldine (20) and Yeison (19)) got excited and answered all the questions and it was great. The Dad didn´t want to listen but Geraldine convinced him and then he got excited and showed us a million pictures about his conversion and people he´s baptized. 

One mistake that many people make here is the requisites for read the Book of Mormon. They often say they don´t have time, but it´s because they try to take out 15-20 minutes at least. It´s better to read the Book of Mormon for 2 minutes everyday than 20 minutes every week. It isn´t a textbook, it isn´t just to obtain knowledge and memorize. It´s the key to our spiritual progress, the key to our religion and if everyday there are temptations and confusions and spots from the world, how can we think that we are alright not strengthening us as equally frequent or more frequently? Read the Book of Mormon EVERYDAY if it be for few minutes or for more. The Liahona isn´t a worthy replacement, and #GenConf either. It´s not funny, I mean it.

Hey so I may not be sending many pictures soon, it seems as if I may have lost my camara and a couple other things in cambios in someplace, just heads up.
Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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