Monday, May 30, 2016


It´s cambios! Either way, I don´t have cambio, Élder Martinez and I stay together, bomb for him, he´s going to have his first two baptisms (or more) this next cambio. In our little District, only Élder Rodo is leaving, going to the coast (jealous I am).

This week was Stake Conference, and Pte Calderón came and could know Patricia Patiño, and also the Familia Uzcátegui which was good. Also, we got the approval to baptize Over Puerta, so he´s getting baptized the 11 of June.

Yesterday, we did a Desembarco in Naranjos. [Naranjos is a region in Colombia] (funny story, one day in Cereté the four of us are walking together leaving lunch and talking about ways to find more people and we suggested a desembarco. Élder Pezo pointed to an upside-down boat and said "¿quieren un desem"barco"? ¡allí está!" and we just about died) We had a couple members (didn´t come many, but they came the good ones) and the two zones of missionaries. We just sent them all out over our area and of Naranjos 2 and gave them an hour. When they came back to the capilla, they had loads of smiles and were like fighting to tell us about their super cool person that they met, and it was great.

We had much work to do this week, and Patricia Patiño`s baptismal interview is this week also. 

And hey Talon, I got your advice on dating after the mission and thanks for the pointers.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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