Monday, August 8, 2016

Alli Vamos

Stuff is getting better, we have new investigators, a couple baptismal dates for the 27, and my comp is trying to be sociable, which seems difficult for him. He´s starting to say "it´s not a joke, why are you laughing" and we aren´t sure if it´s a joke or not because when something´s funny he doesn´t laugh and when it isn´t funny he laughs and so allí vamos [there we go].

Marlon Alzate finally found a way to get to church, changing turns (shifts) with other coworkers. They´re really pumped for their baptisms, and already said to their family that they are going to get baptized there.

I got to Matthew this week (trying to finish the Bible before the mission, let´s see if I beat Sierra) and I noted that there a loads of prophecies completed. It was prophesied that Christ would come from Bethlehem, from Egypt, and from Nazareth, and I´m sure no one understood how that would work until it happened. He was born in Bethlehem, they flew (fled) to Egypt and Christ was raised in Nazareth. Although they had the same prophecies, the people didn't understand without a prophet. Not even the Pharisees or Scribes or Sadducees understood although they were really studied. Today, people study and study, but as Nephi said, you need the Spirit of Revelation to get it down. 

Hey Happy anniversary MyD! We heard/saw little bits of olympics over the days, bomb that the Colombians entered with sombreros volteados (those white and black hats). I think Talon also mentioned having dreams swimming laps, but I saw a little bit of swimming in a service we did on Saturday and I almost died.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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