Monday, August 1, 2016


Well, the good news is that we have now lots of baptismal dates. Flia Rincón is still preparing for the 13 of August, but couldn´t come to church yesterday because Dora was sick and they went to the clinic and found out that she was born missing a kidney. Interesting, she has 12 years and just now they found out. Flia Alzate Gañan is going great, to be baptized the 27 of August. Marlon already arranged to change turns to be able to come to church. They came to a big Noche de Hogar -Family Home Evening] at Over´s house last night which was a big success and they really liked it. Henry Bermudez is the boyfriend of a young woman and will be baptized the 27 of August. He´s just now growing a testimony that God lives, after passing a couple years as an atheist. He´s been lost, but is being found.

In lunch yesterday we were talking with Elismar, who is from Brasil and was a missionary there, but now is over here getting married. He said that in his last area there were 4 in the house and the companionship that got home first would try and scare the other. So, when Élder Valenzuela and I get home after that Noche de Hogar and find the lights out, I say to Élder Valenzuela that either they are really late or are trying to scare us. We enter and find that all the lightbulbs are unsocketed. I said to Élder Valenzuela that they were trying to scare us. I said it and right them we heard Élder Pavez start to laugh from the stairwell. It was their intention to scare us but this Élder Pavez is a clown and can´t do anything with a straight face. I´m trying to find pictures from the last few months to send home.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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