Monday, August 22, 2016

Cambios!...No Cambios

Happy Anniversary Talon and Maddy!

So it's cambios[transfers], but probably the cambios least exciting of my entire mission because no one has cambio, not I, not my comp, not the other companionship. So, 6 weeks of the same kids.

We've been having challenges with the Flia [family] Rincón. It´s Mario with his three kids Dora, Juan, and Xiomara and only two will be baptized because Xiomara only has 6 years. Mario was interviewed for baptism on Saturday, but the new esposo [husband] of his ex-wife doesn´t like Mario much and the kids spend the half week with the mom and weekends with the dad and for problems with the stepdad, we had to postpone the baptism. 

But, the Flia Alzate Gañan is going well. Marlon said that he decided to quit his job that makes him work Sundays. And yesterday, as he had to start at 10, he came for the Sacrament. They aren´t even baptized, but they recognize the importance of the Sacrament. 

Miriam has now come 5 times and is just waiting her baptism. 

Henry Bermudez had a change in his work that they made him work Sundays and we, being worried about that, were praying. Turns out this week they fired him. Answers come in many ways. He already found a new job, and he has Sundays off.

Now that I've got 6 more weeks here, It´s just put everything I´ve got into the area and see what happens.

Always Great,
Élder Hicken

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